20 Crazy Easy Hacks For More Social Traffic You Totally Missed

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There is no question that you need a strategy for the big-time online marketing success. But there are many small tweaks and hacks that far too many people neglect and which have tremendous power to multiply your social traffic with the matter of a few clicks, a couple of words – or a tiny change to your strategy.There are many tweaks and hacks which have tremendous power to multiply your social traffic with a few clicks, a couple of words, or a change of strategy. #socialtraffic #blogtraffic #socialmediatips #bloggingtips

If you do not know about these little things your marketing strategy might not be wrong at all, but you still might not be seeing the growth in your social traffic that you are aiming for. And the reason may simply be one of these little things that are so easily forgotten – or just pushed to the back of your mind.

Here is a list of tweaks and hacks that have made a big difference for our traffic generation:

1. Create better headlines

Have you ever come across a great piece of content but thought well, that headline could be better, raising more curiosity or be more specific? Probably not, because if the headline is boring, you probably did not click through to the content anyway.

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And that is often the problem with headlines. They don’t inspire your social audience to click on them. And no matter how awesome your content, your audience will never know, for the simple reason that your headline sucked.

Headlines can make or break your marketing success. Good for you that there are headline formulas that are proven to work well and a process you can use to create better headlines.

2. Use Facebook Groups

Sometimes I get the impression that everybody and his sister has a Facebook Fanpage. And that is ok for a blog or business. But…

If you are fairly new to the game, you will have a hard time to earn fans for your Fanpage and get traffic from it without paying for advertising.

And at the same time, a huge traffic opportunity lies right in front of your face – and far too many bloggers and business owners are not using it. Facebook groups.

You should research targeted groups from your niche. Be careful what the group rules say about promoting content. And then get engaged with the group – and bring your content into the discussion when appropriate.

There are also some groups with the sole purpose of getting shares. I do not recommend these groups. Most of the time the audience you might reach is not targeted at all. To find an interested person through these shares is rather unlikely. Instead, you should focus on targeted groups from your niche.

3. LinkedIn groups

Ok, I could have put this in one hack together with the Facebook groups. But to be honest, this works a little different than Facebook groups. But the opportunity is still there.

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If you manage to get a discussion going as comments on a link to your content that you shared: That can instantly bring you significant traffic to your content.

Traffic from LinkedIn to the above-mentioned post

And LinkedIn Groups will usually get your content in front of a totally new crowd.

4. Use Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest is the one social network that is more of a search engine than a pure social network. Because Pinterest’s smart feed considers a lot more factors than the number of your followers. But followers are still a factor – and if you only have a couple of them, you will have a much harder time to get significant amounts of traffic.

Are you looking for more social traffic? Do you need to boost your traffic generation? Here is a list of tweaks and hacks that will help you get more blog traffic from social media. #trafficgeneration #blogtraffic #socialmediatraffic #socialmediatips #socialmediaforbloggersBut there is a solution to this dilemma. You can join group boards. One advantage of group boards is that they come with their own audience. No matter how many followers you have, if you pin to a group board, the possible audience is the followers of that board.

5. Pin More

I know, it is hard to stay active on every social network. But there are enough tools to help you to keep your accounts active. – For Pinterest the tool that we use for scheduling more pins is Tailwind. And it totally pays to use a scheduler for Pinterest if you do not have the time to stay active on Pinterest all day long.

In case, you don’t believe me: Just double the number of pins that you post per day for a couple of days and see what happens to your traffic from Pinterest.

6. Pin more consistent

Just doubling the pins per day that you post to Pinterest is not the end of the story – at least not if you now post double the pins all at the same time of the day. While the time of day when you pin may not have the most important role due to how the Pinterest smart feed works. It still is very important to stay active and post multiple times a day a various time for the simple reason that Pinterest favors active users.

Again, a Pinterest scheduler like Tailwind may just be the answer to the question how you should do that.

7. Tweet More Often

Far too many people still do not understand that ONE tweet will never give you all the traffic you could get from Twitter. On Twitter, it is not the number of clicks you get for one of your tweets that will give you significant traffic. It is the sum of the clicks that you get for ALL of your tweets.

The most successful marketers like Jeff Bullas that get huge amounts of traffic from Twitter tweet up to once every 15 minutes. Yes, that’s right: not once a day, not even once an hour. They tweet four times per hour for every day of the week.

For Jeff Bullas that results in over 60% of his social traffic coming from Twitter!

(We use recurring queues on Twitter and the tool SocialOomph to send these tweets.)

8. Create more targeted content

OK, now I have written a lot about posting more on social media. But you are facing a huge problem: What the heck should you be posting?there are many small tweaks and hacks that far too many people neglect and which have tremendous power to multiply your social traffic with the matter of a few clicks, a couple of words – or a tiny change to your strategy. #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #socialtraffic #blogtraffic #trafficgeneration

One answer could be Curated content. But the truth is that curated content posted on your social media accounts may help to grow your audience – but without posting enough of your own content, you will not increase your social traffic.

You need to create more awesome content! The best content for this is evergreen content. That is content that will stay relevant for a long time. News content is not the best content because you can only post it as long as it is still relevant. Nothing is more boring on social media than yesterday’s news – last month’s news is even worse.

9. Post mentions of other Accounts

When you post other people’s content on your social accounts, you should let them know: mention their Twitter handle or Facebook fanpage in the post. Many of them will react to it, and either like the post or even share it. This way you can expand the reach of your social media posts and accounts.

Extra tip: the largest Twitter accounts are usually not the accounts that are the most responsive – they simply get too many reactions. Aim for medium-sized accounts, this way you will get more reactions and the potential audience you may reach is not too small.

10. Utilize Your Guest posts

You should write some guest posts for multiple reasons: You earn links, you get in front of a new audience, you can grow your audience – and you can even get some traffic.

A single guest post on a large blog can easily give you a couple of hundred new social media followers. This way you can quickly increase your followers. Simply mention your social media account in your guest author bio.

11. Provide images

If you are looking for more social traffic, you want more social shares. You will only get social shares in the social networks for which you provide images in the right format.

You want your post tweeted? You need an image.

Posts with image content compared to posts without. Source: Quicksprout

You want your post to appear on Facebook? It is not going to happen without an image – even if it would happen an Facebook post without an image will get so much less attention than with an image, that you still need an image.

You want your content pinned to Pinterest? Provide a vertical image with easy to read text overlay.

12. Be active where you want your content to appear

I have seen it over and over again: Bloggers and business owners complaining why their content would not be shared on social media? And the answer is simple: because they are not active on social media. You want your content tweeted? Head over to Twitter, build a targeted audience and tweet your own content – others will follow your example and tweet your content, too.

The same applies for Pinterest: Provide a pin-worthy image and start pinning!

Give your content a head start, and you will help it spread.

13. Use your content – more than once

So you shared your (new) content on your social channels – what now? Simple! Share it again. And again.

Do not share it in a row – at least not on Twitter or Facebook. Share other content in between. Use different text in the posts. Make sure there some time (and posts) have passed until you share it again. On Twitter, you should wait a minimum of 24 hours before you send an identical tweet – but you can send a variant of the tweet earlier.

If you do not repeat your posts on networks like Twitter and Pinterest you will be missing out. These networks have a huge hunger for more posts, and your content deserves more attention than one post can give you.

14. Actively build your audience

Are you still waiting for some followers to find your social accounts? The hard truth is that when you still have only a small audience, your accounts will not magically get famous if you do not promote them. And promotion does not at all have to involve paying for advertising. You can use various other means of making your accounts get notices. Groups are an idea. Guest posts are another. You can also engage with other people’s posts with likes, comments, and shares.

15. Syndicate your old content

Are you sometimes feeling that your content does not get the attention it deserves? Have considered to syndicate it to another outlet? Re-publish a slightly different version of your content on platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, Medium? This can easily give your old content some new attention. You can reach a new audience – maybe not a huge audience, but still an audience.

Here is a list of tweaks and hacks that have made a big difference for our traffic generation. Use some of these hacks to boost your social traffic. #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips #blogtraffic #trafficgenerationIf you want to try it, here are some things you should do:

  • Change the introductory paragraph of your content
  • Mention that an earlier version of this content was published on your blog- and link to it.
  • Link your new Medium account to your Twitter account – your followers from Twitter will follow you on Medium, too
  • Use tags, keywords, hashtags to make sure that your target audience can find your content on Quora and LinkedIn

If you want to know about syndicating your content, check out this post.

16. Focus on a few networks

Far too many bloggers or business owners do not know which networks will work for them. In their need for social traffic, they fear to be missing out and are active in every social network – without getting one of them right.

That is wrong – and will not give you a lot of traffic.

Rather, you should concentrate on getting one or two social networks right. When everything starts to work out and give you traffic from social media for free, you should then first work on scaling what already works for you. And only then when you have everything in place, and it works smoothly without much effort from your end, then should you add another network to your strategy and start working on getting traffic from this.

17. Focus on distribution

Once you have some content, your focus should shift. You should concentrate more of your efforts on content distribution and cut back on the time you spend on creating more content. Because without distribution all the awesome content of the world is not going to give you traffic.

Content promotion is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. Pay enough attention to it!

18. Dare to try something new (or old)

Often, bloggers and marketers try to copy what has worked for other bloggers and marketers in the past. That may work. But what has brought massive social traffic in the past does not have to work today. Some methods don’t work anymore. There could have been an algorithm change for Facebook or Pinterest. Or simply too many marketers have tried the same hack at the same time, and the competition is too much to see good results. Or your niche reacts differently to the marketing efforts. Or…

There are endless ways to get more out of your efforts on social media. You will never be done with optimizing your activity, finding new and better ways to reach a larger audience. Social media traffic generation is a living and evolving process. #socialmediatips #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #blogtraffic #trafficgenerationThe way out of the dilemma is to dare to change things. Be different. Try something new. The only thing you have to remember is to always check your results. Never just do something in marketing. Have a way to measure success or failure – and if it does not work, change your strategy!

19. Dare to be different

There is nothing wrong with learning from others. But often the big-time marketing success comes from being unique or being the first to try something. Creativity can be awesome. Surprise is an emotion that many react to. And being you will set you apart from that masses.

20. Don’t be afraid to have a voice

If have talked to many bloggers and business owners that were so afraid of saying the wrong thing on social media that they did not say anything at all. But being quiet is never the best marketing strategy. While shouting the loudest will most of the time not give you huge amounts of social traffic, being the quietest kit on the blog will usually also not give you much attention.

Dare to speak up on social media. Just keep in mind the common rules of human interaction. Nothing can give you worse results than not posting at all.

Final words on tweaks for more social traffic

There are endless ways to get more out of your efforts on social media. You will never be done with optimizing your activity, finding new and better ways to reach a larger audience. Social media traffic generation is a living and evolving process. Never stop learning, optimizing and tweaking your process. And you will see your traffic grow!

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There are many tweaks and hacks which have tremendous power to multiply your social traffic with a few clicks, a couple of words, or a change of strategy. social media traffic, traffic generation, blog traffic, social media marketing,



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