22 Easy Ways To Increase Twitter Engagement

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While you know that engagement is crucial for more reach in social networks like Facebook and Instagram, you may not be aware that Twitter engagement also has tremendous power to increase your marketing success.Engagement is crucial for social media marketing success. Engagement helps you build your relationship and trust with your social media followers. It makes you stand out and adds personality. Here is how to increase your Twitter engagement #twitter #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips

The chronological Twitter feed did not consider how much engagement an account or tweet got. No matter the engagement, the tweets were listed in strictly chronological order in the feed of Twitter users.

That changed!

At least for some of us.

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Twitter started experimenting with an algorithm-based feed in 2016. Today, there are two feed options: a chronological feed and a top tweets feed. Users can choose between the two.

A not very scientific poll we conducted on Twitter showed that only 50% of Twitter users use the chronological feed. 25% know that they are using the top tweet feed – and since the top tweet feed is the preselected choice, chances are high that the 23% that do not know they can choose are also using the top tweet feed.

And engagement is the number 1 factor (right behind whether you follow someone or not) that makes tweets appear in this top tweet feed.

If you can increase engagement on your tweets, your tweets will automatically get more attention from Twitter. Check out these Twitter marketing tactics to increase interaction with other Twitter users from your niche.

If you are looking for marketing success on Twitter, engagement is what you should be working on!

Before we jump right into ways you can increase your Twitter engagement, let’s make clear what you are looking for when we talk about Twitter engagement.

What is Twitter engagement?

Engagement in social media usually means any kind of interaction with your posts or your account.

That includes the following:

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  • Mentions of your Twitter handle
  • Comments on your Tweets
  • Likes of your tweets
  • Retweets of your tweets
  • Clicks on links you included in your tweets

How much twitter engagement do you need to see a change?

On some platforms like Instagram, engagement is generally high. Likes and comments easily get into the hundreds. Even with less than 1000 followers on Instagram for my personal Instagram account, I am disappointed if I get fewer than 20 likes on a post.

Image Source: Phlanx

Twitter is different. And I need to mention this here or you will get easily frustrated by your engagement results even though they are good.

On Twitter, an engagement rate of 1%is generally regarded as good – even though you may want to aim higher.

Image Source: ContentCal 

Here are 22 ways of getting more engagement on Twitter:

1. Respond to engagement

If people are already engaging with your tweets, you should always react. Watch your notifications on Twitter.

Here you can find all interactions with your tweets. Make sure that you answer comments, thank for tweets of your content and like retweets.

This is the easiest way to increase your engagement when you already have some followers that interact with your activity.

2. Make sure your tweets are of value

What value is may be up for discussion? What has value for one person may be utterly useless to another.

Consider your target audience and provide tweets that are of interest specifically to them. If you tweet stuff that is of no interest to your followers they will not engage with it.

3. Show personality

People like to talk to people – even on Twitter. Although you may be tweeting for a business account or strictly business, if people know who they are talking to they will be more willing to engage.

And it is not forbidden to add a little more personal tweets to the mix. You may find them the best way to increase engagement. Just don’t go overboard and don’t forget what your account is about.

4. Make sure your tweet text is understandable

Have you ever read a tweet and then thought: “What? Wait? What does that mean?”

That is not good if people think that about your tweets. Make sure that the text you are using in your type is not only correct but also says exactly what it is supposed to say.

Sometimes, taking a step back and rereading what you have written will reveal a second meaning or show that the tweet text was not so clear after all.

5. Ask for it!

You want your audience to do something? Ask them to do it! A call-to-action has immense power. And tweets with the phrase „please retweet“ will get you 4 times more retweets. You can, of course, use other call-to-actions. Asking people to do what you want them to do often does the trick.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-17 um 11.26.13

Image Source: Ampower

6. Use Images in Your Tweets

a couple of years ago the standard tweet was 140 characters – including the link. Today, a tweet without an image gets far less attention on Twitter than a tweet with an image. Don’t believe me? Visit your Twitter feed and answer honestly: Which tweets get your attention? The ones with or the ones without an image?

It is a fact that an image can increase not only the visibility of a tweet. Tweets with images also get more retweets and likes.

Posts with image content compared to posts without. Source: Quicksprout

Posts with image content compared to posts without. Source: Quicksprout

7. They always work: (motivational) quote imagesQuote Neal Schaffer

These posts will not generate you traffic but they sure as hell get a lot of likes wherever you post them.

However, I do recommend sticking to your niche! Don’t stray too far and too often away from your topic and niche. You want a targeted following and engage around topics that are relevant to your niche. You won’t gain much if you get a ton of engagement from people who are not interested in your topics and what you have to offer.

8. Use Memes

Something funny, controversial, or thought-provoking is always a good idea if you want to increase engagement.

That’s what Memes are all about.

Image source: Quickmeme

There is a broad variety of tools to help you create beautiful or funny memes.

9. Use Twitter Polls

Polls are a Twitter feature with built-in engagement – and by far not utilized as much as could be.

A Twitter poll does not always need to tackle a serious question – even a small humorous question is a great way to engage with your audience. But you can also use Twitter polls to make your own quick survey – just keep in mind that the result may sometimes not be a mirror of reality. After all, you only asked Twitter-users…

10. Use videos

Videos are hyped on social media for a reason.

Because videos inspire engagement and interactions.

Twitter users can watch videos directly in their feed. That means you can stuff a ton of information into your tweet in an easy-to-consume format that people like to engage with.

A “moving image” in the Twitter feed also helps to grab the attention of followers who are just browsing around and scrolling over the tweets in their feed.

11. Ask Questions

You want engagement? Start the conversation! And what better way to get into a conversation than to ask a question. If you do it – never forget to monitor your notifications tab and answer all comments that come in. Engagement is not just getting your followers to make a statement, it is about getting into a real conversation. That includes listening and responding.

12. Mention other accounts

You can „earn“ retweet – and often reach by mentioning other Twitter accounts in your Tweet. Only do it if your tweet has something to do with the mentioned Twitter account, otherwise, this behavior is simply spam.

Often the right to mention other Twitter accounts is already earned through the content you create: If you compile a list of great Twitter accounts to follow from your niche, you can tweet that list and mention the listed Twitter accounts, or at least some of them.

Also, if you curate content for your Twitter account, you can add the Twitter handle of the author of the content in the tweet.

13. Pin tweets

Do you have one tweet that you want to promote? One tweet that you want to get more attention and reactions?Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-17 um 15.51.15

Why not simply pin this tweet to the top of your Twitter account. If you get new followers that visit your Twitter profile, the pinned tweet will get a ton of extra attention. You can see that by the number of reactions a pinned tweets get:

Image Source: Jeff Bullas’ Twitter

14. Retweet, like, and comment

If you want more engagement on your tweets, start engaging with other people’s tweets – preferably tweets from people from your niche. They will notice you and recognize that you honor their work. Eventually, some of them will start giving back in kind.

15. Schedule and space out tweets

The lifetime of a tweet is around 24 minutes. That means you want to tweet more than once a day or your Twitter account will become invisible.

But for optimal results, you do not want to send all the tweets at the same time, you want to space out your tweets over the day – and tweet them at optimal times.

There are scheduling tools to help you to send your tweets at the best times – and on autopilot. You can save a ton of time if you use scheduling tools – and even increase engagement.Engagement is crucial for social media marketing success. Here are 22 ways to increase engagement on Twitter that help you build trust and loyalty. Find more social media success with more engagement. #twitter #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #socialmediaengagement


Scheduling will only help you to increase engagement if you still watch your notification tab and react to retweets, likes ad comments on your tweets!

Scheduling tools I can recommend are Buffer or SocialOomph.

16. Follow other people

Getting on people’s radar is always the first step towards engagement. By following some people from your niche you can get yourself and your Twitter account in front of their eyes. Some of them will notice you, like what you are tweeting and respond to it.

An active account that gets a ton of new followers will always get more engagement than an account with the same handful of followers that are more or less listening to what you tweet.

17. Curate content – and let people know

I mentioned this one before in #6. But it is worth mentioning it again.Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-17 um 15.55.49

Especially when you are starting out, or when you don’t have enough own content to fill your Twitter feed, y best practice is to curate content from other people from your niche. This curated content is a goldmine for engagement. Simply endorse the author of the content or the publishing blog by mentioning their Twitter account in the tweet. Some of them will gladly retweet your tweet and thus give you more reach and engagement.

18. Use hashtags

Twitter is not Instagram, do not get over enthusiastic with hashtags in your tweets. But 1 or 2 hashtags can help you get more attention to your Tweet and help you get more retweets.


Image Source: Buffer

19. Use better headlines (or tweet texts)

Learn all you can about the perfect tweet text. There are some tweet texts that will work wonders for clicks, retweets and likes. But there will also be tweet texts that are a total failure with your audience.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-27 um 13.57.02

Image Source: Quicksprout

Twitter success is not necessarily about the content you share – a large part of it is also to make people SEE this content. And that will only happen when your Tweet text works well.

Here are some types of tweet texts that have proven to work great with a Twitter audience – but in the end you will have to try what your audience likes:

  • List posts
  • how-to posts
  • Fulfilling Dreams Posts
  • Statistics
  • Worst – or Best Posts

A great way to test different tweet texts and learn what your audience likes is to simply tweet the same content with different texts. That is what Buffer did and the results totally proved their point.

Buffer Statistics

Here you can see buffer statistics.

The perfect headline or tweet text can completely change your marketing results!

20. Use the best times to tweet

Tweeting at the right time can help you reach a larger audience. But what exactly is the best time to tweet? Is it when most people from your followers are online? Or is it when everybody else does not tweet so that your tweet does not have to compete with so many other tweets?

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-11 um 12.00.29

Figure out when your audience is active and ready to listen – and then do the test: Tweet at different times and analyze which tweets get more engagement.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-20 um 14.39.06Image Source Buffer Blog

21. Try emoticonsBildschirmfoto 2017-03-17 um 16.09.25

We all use smileys, feelings or other emoticons on Facebook – and they help us to get more attention. But did you know that Twitter added some emoticons to their tweets, too? Have you used them?


You should! Because emoticons have the power to increase your like rate by 57%. Amazing isn’t it?

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-17 um 16.11.53

Image Source: Super Spicey Media

22. Use Twitter Cards

This is something that you only do for tweets of content from your website – Twitter cards have nothing to do with curated content or tweets without links.

Twitter cards are enabled on your website so that every tweeted link from your website automatically “pulls” some additional information from your website that is then shown in the tweet.

There are various forms of Twitter cards.

Image source: Twitter

Here is a tweet from our website with a Twitter card:

And here is a tweet with an image and tweet text:

The Twitter card displays more information than the tweet with an image – also the tweet automatically uses the header image of your blog post.

To enable Twitter cards for your blog you have to validate your website with Twitter and add some metadata.

Final Words about Twitter engagement:

There are endless options to increase engagement on your tweets. And you should use some of them.

Try to find the engagement tactics that resonate best with your audience.

The engagement has become more important on Twitter as Twitter introduced an algorithm-based Twitter feed that approximately half of all Twitter users are using!

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Engagement is crucial for online marketing success. Engagement helps you build your relationship and trust with your followers. It makes you stand out and adds personality. Use one of these 16 tips to increase your engagement on Twitter. #twitter #twittertips #twittermarketing #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing

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