14 Ways To Promote Your Lead Magnet For More Signups – Skyrocket Your Email List

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By now you have probably heard (or read) that you should offer some piece of value for free to your target audience – in exchange for their email address to help you get more subscribers to your email list.

And hopefully, you set up a landing page where your audience can give you their email address and you send them our lead magnet.

Is that all?

But, my guess is that you invested quite some time and effort into creating your free offer. Would it not make sense to do a little more to promote your lead magnet and get even more email addresses in return?

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Here are 14 ways that you can use to promote your lead magnet – and help you skyrocket your list:

1. Create a Landing page

You might argue that a landing page is not really promoting the lead magnet – but it sure helps to pass it around and collect email addresses in exchange for the free content.

But a good landing page can also help with promoting – ask anyone selling products online about the importance of landing pages. They can make or break your online success.

So go ahead and create a landing page for your lead magnet – you will need it in more than one of the following points

2. Write a blog post You created an awesome lead magnet. Here are 14 ways that you can use to promote your lead magnet – and help you skyrocket your list. get more signups, grow your email list

A lot of your marketing comes back to your blog. If you created a lead magnet the topic of the lead magnet is hopefully one that your audience is really interested in. That makes the topic perfect for your blog – and if you already created a lead magnet on the topic, writing a post about it should be fairly easy for you.

How is that going to promote your lead magnet? You can offer the lead magnet as a content upgrade within the post. Most of the time the lead magnet will contain a little more content and information than you normally publish in your blog post.

For instance, if your freebie is a list of x tips or y tools – offer a sample (i.e. 5 out of 10) from these tips in the blog post and ask people for their email in exchange for more tips or tools.

3. Share it on Social Media

This is where your landing page comes in very useful: Share a link with a teaser text and an optimized image on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social networks, where you can access your audience.

You can even create multiple tweets or pins that all point to your landing page. Use different images and texts in your twets and pins.

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4. Share excerpts or tips from your lead magnet

Tweeting or pinning your freebie once is not all you can do!

You can share smaller bits, pieces, and tips from your freebie and inspire curiosity to see more of it. You can even create quote images, or post longer text excerpts on Facebook.

Don’t be afraid to give away some of your content for free without an email in exchange: showing what people can expect will earn you trust and help you to promote your lead magnet.

5. Guest post

Offering a freebie should be part of a successful guest posting strategy. A great guest post and a fairly large blog can easily give you up to 100 new signups if you offer a freebie or lead magnet that fits well the topic of your guest post.

The best place to offer the freebie is your guest author bio.

And one of the best aspects of guest posting? You can write an almost endless number of guest posts and keep promoting your awesome lad magnet – and as a „side effect“ you earn a ton of backlinks to your website…

6. Add the lead magnet to your sidebar

The lead magnet should get some space on your website. If you have something to offer (for free) it does not make sense to hide it. Get it out there and show what you have to offer.

If you run a blog, the sidebar usually is a good place to „advertise“ your free offer. If you have more than one (free) offer, you can even create a free resource section.

7. Add it to your email signature

Are you corresponding a lot via email? Why not add your awesome and valuable lead magnet to your email signature? That is a very un-intrusive way to promote your lead magnet!

8. Create an infographic

You can turn some of the key aspects of your offer into an infographic. Infographics are often awesome to share content. People like to share infographics – make sure that your lead magnet and the place where people can find and download it is mentioned in the infographic.

9. Host a Twitter ChatYou do not have to wait for people to notice your lead magnet and signup for your email list! you can actively promote your lead magnet and see your email list grow a lot faster. Here are 14 ways how to make sure that your target audience will notice your lead magnet and signup. #leadmagnet #emailmarketing #leadgeneration #salesfunnel #listbuilding

Hosting a Twitter chat is more than just tweeting a hashtag and the topic. Make sure you know how to start a chat and attract participants to it.

If you manage to gather an active crowd in your personal Twitter chat, that is not only awesome to grow your Twitter audience, it can also be tremendously helpful to promote your lead magnet!

10. Run a webinar

This one is a little tricky: Webinars need promotion, too! But they still offer you an opportunity to attract more interest for your lead magnet.

For instance, you can invite a guest and co-host a webinar on the topic. This way you can get access to the audience of the co-host for your webinar – and make them aware of your freebie!

Lead magnets are a great way to get more signups for your email list. But where you place your lead magnet and whether you promote it to your audience makes all the difference when growing your email list. Here are great tips to get more signups and grow your email list with a targeted audience.11. Promote the lead magnet to your email list

Even though your subscribers are already on your email list you should promote the lead magnet to them. If your freebie is awesome, you want as many people to know about it.

You can even go one step further and ask your subscribers to help you spread the word and share it.

12. Use groups and forums

If you have something to offer for free, let people know. That also holds for groups, for instance on Facebook or LinkedIn. Make sure you follow the rules of the group. If promoting your own content is not allowed, don’t spam the group.

Don’t just share the link to the landing page without any introduction or paragraph about the offer, that is not going to run well. Most of the time it works best if you share a great tip from your lead magnet and only add the actual lead magnet as further information.

13. Mention it in other blog posts

In #2 I asked you to create a blog post on the topic of your lead magnet. But there is more you can do on your blog. If you have several blog posts on the topic, link to your lead magnet from inside the articles where it fits. For instance, if you have a freebie with tools for marketing automation and you have written an article about the benefits of marketing automation in the past: link to the freebie landing page from this article.

14. Use page takeovers or popups

I know, not all blog readers are fans of these a little intrusive methods to offer free content. But if you have traffic to your blog placing signup forms and free offers strategically on your blog is still a high converting way to turn some of that traffic into email subscribers.

Final words on promoting free content

It may seem a little too much work to put into promoting something that does not even make you money. But the truth is that promoting free stuff and earning email addresses from people from your target audience is an important step in your sales journey.

If you fail at promoting free stuff, how can you expect to successfully promote anything that costs money?

And this is not work that you do for nothing. You earn a lot back: email subscribers, trust, relationships and brand recognition to name only a few. And your successful sales process starts exactly here!

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You created an awesome lead magnet. Here are 14 ways that you can use to promote your lead magnet – and help you skyrocket your list. get more signups, grow your email list


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