10 Online Businesses You Can Start For Less Than $1000

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The following is a guest post by Robert Morris. Robert is an avid blogger marketing manager from New York. At the moment, he works as a blog editor at the top writing services and provides consulting services.

Below are ten online businesses you can start for less than $1000. Each business idea assumes you already have a computer and access to the Internet, but even if you do not, the business ideas listed below may be started for less than $1000 so that you have money left over to buy a cheap computer and gain Internet access.

1 – Sell Photographs Via Your Own Website

Don’t sell perfect pictures with high resolutions because other companies are doing that. Offer images that companies such as iStock and ShutterStock won’t touch.

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For example, if you want a picture of a carrot that has grown in an amusing (rude) shape, then photo stock companies don’t have them because they demand four megapixel shots with professional photographer settings. Yet, there are hundreds of people who have taken such photos on their Smartphones and would be willing to sell them through your website.

Bloggers are always looking for cheap images, and they would happily prefer Facebook-quality photos over expensive professional photos if only somebody would sell them.

2 – Start Your Own Writing Service 

Thousands upon thousands of students are now using online writing services and you can offer the best writing services in your area. You can start small by offering to write essays on your own qualified subject, but you may also expand and start hiring other writers as you make your money.

The overheads for such a business are very small because it is an on-demand service, and you can market your service by offering big discounts to students who refer other paying customers.

3 – A Dropshipping CompanyStarting a business can be expensive. Here are 10 ideas for online businesses that don't need a large upfront investment and you can start on a budget. online business ideas, start an online business, what business can i start on a budget, start a business on a budget

Find a series of companies that sell desirable goods, but that are not very good at online marketing. That is basically any company that doesn’t appear on the first two pages of the Google search engine results. If you have trouble finding the product online, then so will other people.

Ask for an account with the company and ask that they do not put receipts inside their packages. When people make an order from you, simply make an order with the company and have the company deliver it to your customer while you take your profit from the top.

Using this method, you may have a website full of hundreds of items without ever having to buy any stock with your own money.

4 – Ticket Resales Powered By Affiliate Advertising

Instead of scalping tickets and selling them outside of concerts and stadiums, you sell them on your website and you use affiliate advertising to sell them. Since you can make between 100% and 1000% profit, you can offer reasonably high Pay Per Click amounts to draw people to your website.

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Ticket scalping is not illegal as long as you buy the tickets manually and do not use bots. You may also buy tickets from other ticket holders and resell them closer to the date when they are worth more.

5 – Signature And Memorabilia Selling 

Starting a business can be expensive. Here are 10 ideas for online businesses that don't need a large upfront investment and you can start on a budget. #startablog #onlinebusiness #buildyourempire #entrepreneurship #startup #startabusinessHow you collect your stock is up to you. Items with signatures on may have a very high resale value. There are many people selling these sorts of items on eBay, but you may do better buying them from people selling in local classified advertisements or via Facebook groups. Reselling on eBay should be easy if you have time, patience, and a fair amount of eBay selling skill.

6 – Collectibles Seller

You can find collectibles anywhere, from charity shops to eBay. The great thing is that you can do your research wherever you are. For example, if you see an old Batman comic at a yard sale, you can check its price on Amazon and eBay on your Smartphone to be sure there is plenty of profit when you resell.

You can resell on your own website, with online classified, with eBay and Amazon. You may even sell via traditional auctions if you deal with collectibles that are worth hundreds.

7 – Personal eBay Auctioneer 

Advertise online and offline that you are happy to sell other people’s items on eBay. Instead of them setting up ads, you will do it all for them you’re your own seller profile. All they have to do is give you the object and their ideal price.

If you sell the item via your eBay profile, then you get a 10% commission. If not, then they come by and pick up their item. The commission alone should be enough to keep your business going, but a happy perk is that some people say don’t come to pick up their items and simply say, “Nah, keep it.” Which means you get free stock to try to sell again at a later date.

8 – Social Media Promoter 

Set up a number of different social media profiles and offer to help promote people and businesses via social media. As you gain more and more followers, you will be able to sell your promotions for more money.

If you ask your clients to contribute both promotional and standard social media posts, then you can even have them do most of the work for you. You can even hire social media post writers to help generate and maintain interest in your social media profiles to help keep them popular.Here are ten online businesses you can start for less than $1000. Each business idea assumes you already have a computer and access to the Internet, but even if you do not, these business ideas may be started for less than $1000 #onlinebusiness #smallbusiness #entrepreneurship #solopreneur

9 – High-Risk Betting Advice Or Stock Advice Service

Build online tools that collect data and identify patterns. Charge people a subscription for using these tools.

For example, track horse races and use the information you gain to create reasonable assumptions about future performances; such as how Happy Dancer the horse always seems to win in the morning and on tracks of just one mile.Here are online businesses you can start for less than $1000. Each business idea assumes you already have a computer and access to the Internet. Start your online business today. #onlinebusiness #startblog #makemoneyblogging #makemoneyonline #smallbusiness #solopreneur #entrepreneur

The same principles can be used for tracking share prices. The more factors you track, then the higher the chances are that your predictions will be correct.

Many trends are predictable, and you can exploit that fact and make your online tool appear as if it is having premonitions. For example, companies selling Flu medication will see profits rise in winter.

10 – Bulk Junk Reseller

There are a lot of people doing this, but the good news is that a big part of your success is based on luck, which means you can exploit your competitor’s runs of bad luck.

Go onto eBay and look for people selling things in bulk such as bankrupt stock and house clearance sales. Snipe the lowest prices. Once you have your stock, you resell it separately for higher margins. You can sell on eBay, your website, local classified and Amazon.

You have more time, so you can wait for a good price for your stock rather than selling in bulk.

Your Profitability Is Only As Good As Your Marketing Skills

No matter how good your startup idea is, or how fantastic your stock is, you will not make a profit if you do not quickly learn how to sell your stock or your service.

The startup ideas listed above require very little initial capital investment, and that is why so many people have tried them in the past.

Some people fail because they cannot sell their stock. The only advice that works is to learn fast. Forget what people tell you about learning from your mistakes. Learn from your successes instead and try to build on each one. Ask yourself why you made a sale and what you can do to repeat your success again and again.

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Starting a business can be expensive. Here are 10 ideas for online businesses that don't need a large upfront investment and you can start on a budget. starting an online business, business ideas

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